At a Glance

Launched in 2023, Sporos Platform stands as the first Circular Economy Impact Investing Fund in Southeastern Europe, dedicated to leading the circular transition of regional SMEs. With a focus on providing sustainable green SME financing, we offer a unique combination of mezzanine tools, tailored consultancy services, and cutting-edge ESG & SDG metrics.

Our holistic approach aims to enhance competitiveness, drive job creation, and foster climate resilience across diverse industry sectors. By acting as a catalyst for circular innovation and best practices among European SMEs, Sporos Platform not only facilitates sustainable growth but also rewards “first movers.” These incentives include co-investment rights, strong branding opportunities, active participation in the Advisory Committee, preferential engagement as “Sustainability Mentors” with portfolio companies, synergies within the circular ecosystem, and an elevated sustainability profile.

Join us in making a substantial impact on the green SME finance landscape, driving positive change, and reaping the rewards of a circular and resilient future.