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Sporos Platform

Empowering the Circular Transition

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Our Mission

Sporos Platform mission reconciles meaningful outcomes and strong financial returns.   

Our strategic goal is to underpin the sustainable recovery of the real economy by accelerating the circular transition of SMEs operating in Greece and Southeastern Europe, boosting climate resilience, long-term growth and job creation, while aligning high economic returns with positive social and environmental impact. 

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Our Values

We are inspired by the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the UNEP FI of the United Nations, the European Green Deal, the New Industrial & Innovation Strategy and the New Circular Economy Action Plan recently launched by the European Commission, taking also on board the relevant regional and national initiatives.

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International Recognition

Greece's Best Practice in Sustainable Financing

Sporos Platform has had the honour of having its concept recognised by the European Commission as the only Impact Investing Fund from Greece to be published on the Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform as a ‘best practice’ for its unique contribution towards inclusive & sustainable growth.

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Our Approach

Sporos Platform offers a unique holistic approach to paving the way for a paradigm shift towards sustainable recovery of real economy and growth. Its unique approach has been built upon the key findings of the first of its kind market study on circular economy investment gap and SMEs needs in the region conducted on behalf of Sporos Platform team by Greece’s leading market research firm Kapa Research.

According to the market study, the vast majority of SMEs in Southeastern Europe lacks awareness of business tools and solutions to achieve a more circular production model, and expertise on how to apply such tools and solutions, while a lack of funding tailored to Circular Economy projects can be considered an inescapable fact.

Sporos approach revolves around providing an answer to all of these obstacles concomitantly, putting the Impact Investing, Knowledge and Expertise, Awareness and Advocacy principles at heart.

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Impact Investing

A first-of-its-kind Impact Investment Fund that applies sustainable finance methodologies and unlocks the potential of mezzanine financing tools for SMEs in transition.

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Knowledge & Expertise

An already active consultancy firm dedicated to assist the circular transition across key industry verticals, circularise business models and boost sustainable innovation, with a repository of business solutions and expertise from all over Europe to be applied to projects in Greece and Southeastern Europe.


Awareness & Advocacy

A non-profit organisation on a mission to boost collaboration between key stakeholders, promote advocacy with government authorities and public affairs for Circular Economy purposes, focusing on citizen engagement, sustainable education and innovation at a regional and municipal level.

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The Team

A Team That Serves the Purpose, Not Vice Versa.

Sporos Team is carefully selected to make the circular transition happen fast, smoothly and efficiently, supporting those who matter most and make the difference: innovative SMEs. 

With a broad spectrum of diversified experience, high-calibre and supplementary skill-sets ranging from portfolio management to consultancy and top market research, our Team is ready to put the Sporos strategy in action right now. Delivering returns, mitigating risk, creating value, aligning incentives. 

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